Live Music 

Hello... is that title "Live" as in, in-person music? Or is it "Live" as in to live music? Both definitions are appropriate again in the life of this musician. To say that playing "live" with other musicians again has been just amazing is a statement that mere words do not qualify!

Covid 19, and the pandemic created as a result, has taken much from everyone and affected every human on the planet. But to be "living" music as an in-person art form again, with audiences and the unique give and take that this…

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CD Releases (both postponed & new) with Schapiro 17 & all future concerts postponed till after the pandemic!!! 

As time has passed, during the pandemic, many people ask about when will we, as musicians, be performing live again. In time... that is the only answer I have at the moment. So much has happened, but as a community I know that for myself, and all the musicians I know, the music continues. Looking forward to playing with other musicians and for in-person audiences when it all falls into place.

Stay safe everyone!


Music, Music, Music 

As I look forward to the week ahead of me I am amazed at what I get to do for a living!

Performing the music of other composers (in their ensembles) is one of the perks of being a musician.

Performing my own music with the wonderful musicians I am so blessed to have the opportunity to play with is really the ultimate goal of anyone who is a band leader. 

Guess I am doubly blessed this week!

I mentioned the word "opportunity" in my previous post... well I am very grateful for the musical opportunities I…

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Music & Skiing & Opportunities 

Happy New Year!!!

2017 brings some interesting music, some skiing, some travel, and other opportunities with it for me.

I am starting my second season as a part-time ski instructor - for me skiing is very much like music.

I will be performing often this year with Cynthia Hilts' Lyric Fury - an ensemble that I have been fortunate to perform with for over 20 years. A really lovely musical gift in my life.

I will be traveling quite a lot this coming Winter/Spring both for work and play, it's always nice when…

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Hey everyone,

A few thoughts the day before my final rehearsal with my band for the upcoming gig at The Tea Lounge (see Calendar listing for the details).

The process of rehearsing is different with every band that I play with. And, for myself, the process of rehearsing my own big band has evolved over time. It's interesting to me what musicians respond to… whether its how the music is copied, how I am conducting (ouch!), or just the response when I ask for a specific focus in their interpretation of the…

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Thankful thoughts - The real joy of writing music... 

Ah yes… the real joy of writing music… finishing a new piece and getting to hear it for the first time!

Had a wonderful rehearsal with my big band last Friday and it was nice to hear what I have been working on for the past month… Finding time to write has been supremely challenging... on trains, in between students, after gigs… (though no complaints… it is good to be a busy, working musician) But I did finish, and I look forward to premiering the new piece at my upcoming gig on Dec. 2nd at The Tea Lounge…

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Fall news 

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone's summer has been going well. I was out in the southwest, connecting with some wonderful local musicians in Phoenix while working on the family home with my sister. Then had a bit of a "road trip," which was a lot of fun & inspiring too. Passing through a misty cloud bank while driving on a high-mountain road was especially memorable!

I have just updated the Calendar page of this website with some new gigs/corrected dates, etc... And I am beginning all the preparations for my…

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Tomorrow night! 

Hey Everyone,

Just a few thoughts here...

All the rehearsals are done, the new piece is finished, and the gig is tomorrow night!

How's that for a few thoughts, ha!

The band sounds wonderful and I am truly blessed that these amazing musicians have agreed to play my music & be part of my process in writing a new piece...

I know their names are listed on my calendar page, but I want to share my sincere thanks to all of them here too:

Erica Von Kleist - Lead Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute

Lily White - Alto Sax…

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Happy Holidays! Up next... the big band! 

Happy Holidays everyone!

I am back in the large ensemble writing groove and have booked the first concert gig for my jazz orchestra in March 2012. (See calendar for details). Maybe it was my Jazz Arranging students at WCSU that inspired me, or perhaps it was just time for me to dive back into the insanity that comes with the desire to write for large ensembles (plus scheduling all the rehearsals and hiring the musicians too!). Well... onwards! I am looking forward to performing some older pieces as well…

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It's been awhile... 

Hey Everybody!

Slowly updating this website... more to come.

Recent news is about the upcoming gig I have on Tuesday, July 26th with my Trio - featuring Ratzo Harris on Bass & Eric Halvorson on Drums. (for more info check the Calendar page)

The past two years I have spent some time writing/rehearsing with this new version of my Trio.

The upcoming gig will feature some old & new music and some re-worked versions of tunes I have performed with my quintet. Looking forward to playing in NYC and a possible new…

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