Live Music

Hello... is that title "Live" as in, in-person music? Or is it "Live" as in to live music? Both definitions are appropriate again in the life of this musician. To say that playing "live" with other musicians again has been just amazing is a statement that mere words do not qualify!

Covid 19, and the pandemic created as a result, has taken much from everyone and affected every human on the planet. But to be "living" music as an in-person art form again, with audiences and the unique give and take that this combination delivers, is beyond wonderful. 

In more than one way I feel more fully "alive" in music again. During the past-year, with the ups & downs in the working life of many musicians, I decided to take a non-music job (remote office work) for the first time in many, many years. I did this to earn some extra income with a job that still gave me freedom to be a musician, mostly... The job did just that, and gave me enough freedom to still live most of my musical life. This non-music job is over for me now, and it has taken me some time to let go of the mindset that I created in order to "survive" being so busy for that entire year... so much so that I did not even have time to think... much less engage on a regular basis in the ongoing thought process that is part of "living" music every day.

There were many times, over the past year, where I was sad at what I had to do to "survive", yet I willingly chose to do this non-music work and am grateful for the opportunity I was given. Sometimes you go through a challenging time in order to more fully appreciate and discover more of who you are. Being more fully "alive" in music again definitely helps me with this perspective.

Regarding the bold-face type for "ongoing thought process" above... Music is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week life experience for me. This ongoing process is what brings forth ideas and concepts that create the music I play everyday. Time and space is needed for this "process" everyday. I am truly grateful for this and very grateful for all the opportunities that have brought me back to this "space" in my life to "live" music more fully again.

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