Jazz Bassist & Composer extraordinaire Rufus Reid writes... The Deborah Weisz Trio is an exceptional musical unit. The new CD, TRIO, is a perfect example of this. The chemistry generated by these musicians comes through this new outing. The original compositions are well-placed in the programming, holding their own with the established classics by Monk and Dameron. BRAVO” - Rufus Reid
TRIO CD Review/Excerpt Trio is a highly engaging and likeable foray into mostly straightahead territory; yes, served straight up but with a twist. ...interesting and reflective music...” - Laurel Gross


TRIO CD Review/Excerpt A quiet get-together between old friends, this warm, gentle disc is appealing and unpretentious. Trombonist Weisz avoids unnecessary flash and bravado, playing bop and romantic standards with intimate nonchalance. Her husky tone and relaxed pacing give the session a conversational air, as she exchanges confidences with two perfectly attuned companions.” - Forest Dylan Bryant


TRIO CD Review/Excerpt “This loosely swinging session features standards, mixed with several originals from Weisz and Bailey. The fact that the group has played regularly at The Garage in New York City’s Greenwich Village is always apparent in their cohesive arrangements. With Weisz’s lush, warm sound leading, all have ample solo time...”” - Larry Taylor


TRIO CD Review/Excerpt “Her newest Trio like her previous releases shows her as much concerned with fashioning a coherent ensemble performance as with showing off her own estimable instrumental capabilities...The trio delivers...with a collective looseness that never sounds drilled, but rather like they are spontaneously spinning out the notes. Weisz’ distinctive tone serves as the lodestar for the band. She speaks through her horn with a dramatic whisper, akin to Lauren Bacall’s voice.“ ©Cadence Magazine” - David Dupont

— Cadence Magazine Oct. Nov. Dec. 2007 pgs. 156 - 157

TRIO CD Review/Excerpt ...as the leader, Ms. Weisz delivers a remarkable performance on the trombone with beautiful fluid phrasings of her own. She also contributes several original scores with the most impressive being "Certainty"... Providing an intimate setting for such standards as "If You Could See Me Now," and Jobim’s "Zingaro," the group delivers fresh new interpretations of these and other established classics.” - Edward Blanco

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