Music & Skiing & Opportunities

Happy New Year!!!

2017 brings some interesting music, some skiing, some travel, and other opportunities with it for me.

I am starting my second season as a part-time ski instructor - for me skiing is very much like music.

I will be performing often this year with Cynthia Hilts' Lyric Fury - an ensemble that I have been fortunate to perform with for over 20 years. A really lovely musical gift in my life.

I will be traveling quite a lot this coming Winter/Spring both for work and play, it's always nice when I can combine the two!

These and other opportunities have the potential to change my life. That's what it is really all about, isn't it? Having an opportunity to do something... to be given opportunities in life, to learn, to grow... It's part of our process.

For those of you who have stopped by and read this, and to all my family & friends, I wish you a 2017 filled with opportunities!

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