Hello again, Just wanted to say that I wish everyone a very happy holiday season. and... an abundance of peace, joy, health, prosperity and lots of music!!! All the best, deborah
Hey Everybody! Just a note to say how excited I am about this week's performances! Tomorrow night I will be performing with my trio, featuring Ratzo Harris on Bass and Eric Halvorson on Drums, at Yippie's Cafe. I have been writing some new music, just with this particular group in mind, so it will fun to "air" it out at the gig. Please come by and listen if you can. Then... I leave for Berlin on the night of the Presidential Election and am hoping for some really good news when I arrive there on Wednesday! (Go Obama!!!!) I am traveling to Berlin to perform at the Berlin Jazz Festival with Roswell Rudd's Trombone Tribe Band, which features Roswell, Steve Swell and myself on Trombones, Bob Stewart on Tuba, Henry Grimes on Bass, and Barry Altschul on Drums. It is a very fun band and I feel blessed to work with these marvelous musicians! After Berlin, we will travel to Amsterdam for a performance at Bimhuis. So it will be a short tour, but some great gigs. All in all, a week of music that I am very happy to be playing! Hope this finds all of you well and enjoying life. Thanks for checking in, deborah
Hey Everybody! Just a brief update and some news...
This past Spring I started teaching at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) in Danbury, CT, as adjunct faculty; teaching a basic music theory course and jazz combo. Well, this coming school year I will be teaching Jazz Trombone and Jazz Combo. I am very much looking forward to this opportunity as I have enjoyed working at WCSU, not just recently, but in the past when I have done clinics/workshops there for the Jazz program. It is a wonderfully open, creative music program. Onward! Fall performances will include Roswell Rudd's Trombone Shout Band, MCW Festival in Hartford, Diva Jazz Orchestra, and my own groups, so check out my calendar page and come by and listen! Finally, I am in the process of updating this website. I have posted an updated bio/CD list and will be working on other areas of the website as well. If anyone is looking for press info, please contact me directly, for now. Hopefully I will have that section updated soon as well. As always, thanks for checking in and I hope that you all have had a wonderful Summer! All the best, Deborah
Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share some news about some wonderful projects that I am going to be involved with this summer. First, I travel up to Accord, NY tomorrow to perform and record with Roswell Rudd's Trombone Shout Band this week. The group features Roswell Rudd, Steve Swell, and myself on Trombone, Bob Stewart on Tuba, Henry Grimes on Bass, and Barry Altschul on Drums. We have been rehearsing this past Spring and I am looking forward very much to the upcoming performances and the recording. Later this summer I will be recording the music of composer Jamie Begian. For those of you who have come to some of his concerts you have probably heard the suite of music he wrote for the trombone section called Taylorations. Really wonderful music... and it will all be recorded in August, along with some other new compositions for the band that Jamie has written over the past few years. During the summer I hope to perform with my own quartet and will post those dates on my calendar as they come in. In the meantime I am writing some new music for the group and am beginning to think about the next recording for myself... Onward! Hope this finds all of you well and enjoying the start of Summer. Thanks, as always, for checking in. All the best, Deborah
Hey Everybody! Just checking in to let you know about a new review for the TRIO CD by Laurel Gross in February's All About Jazz/NY edition. I have posted a short excerpt on my Reviews/Press page. and... I am looking forward to performing at the Brooklyn Lyceum next Wednesday, Feb. 13th. Bruce Arnold - Guitar, Ratzo Harris - Bass and Eric Halvorson - Drums will be joining me. We will perform music from the Grace and TRIO CDs, plus new music that I have written in the past two months and some music from other members of the band as well. Please view my Calendar page for all the details. If you haven't been to hear music at the Brooklyn Lyceum yet, check it out. It is an interesting venue to perform in as it used to be a bathhouse! For those who are interested, I will have all three of my CDs there available for purchase. Come on down and listen if you can, and thanks for checking in. All the best, Deborah
Hi Everyone, Please check out the new TRIO CD review/excerpt on the Press/Reviews page from AllAboutJazz.com by Larry Taylor. You can click on the link provided there if you would like to read the whole review. Also... I just updated my calendar with a few new gigs for early next year. Thanks again for checking in! Happy Happy & Merry Merry to all! All the best, Deborah
Hey Everybody! Just a short notice about my upcoming gig at The Garage on Tuesday, Nov. 13th. I will be performing with Bruce Arnold - Guitar, Ratzo Harris - Bass, and Eric Halvorson - Drums. Both Bruce and I have written some new music that will be premiered at the gig. Come on down and listen if you are in town and out late tomorrow night. (details on Calendar page). Also, you can read an excerpt of a very nice review that David Dupont wrote about the TRIO CD on my review page here at my website. If you have not checked out Cadence Magazine before, it is a great source for learning about all kinds of improvised music. They review a lot of groups and I have been introduced to artists that I had never heard about, before reading about them in Cadence... Definitely worth checking out (there is a link to the magazine posted with the review excerpt). Regarding future gigs... I will be filling in the calendar with some more dates as soon as I receive the information for these upcoming projects. So thanks again to those of you who keep checking in with this website. Happy and Healthy Holidays to all! deborah
AllAboutJazz.com is featuring Trio - Once from my new TRIO CD at the following link:
http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/jazzdownload.php?id=2762 This is a free download. You will have to fill out a form and sign up as an AAJ member in order to access this download.
Hey Everybody, If you have looked at my Calendar then you know that I am finally (after a long time...) going to play a gig, on June 14th, with my own band. In this case a quartet. Featuring Bruce Arnold - Guitar, Ratzo Harris - Bass & Rob Garcia - Drums. The music will be from both the Grace & TRIO CDs. Plus one new composition that I will be premiering at this concert. I am really looking forward to performing my own music again. So come out and listen! Also, I have taken the plunge and decided to put up a MySpace page. My new promo person insisted it was time! HA! You can check it out at http://www.myspace.com/deborahweisz Thanks, as always, for checking in.
Hope to see you on the 14th at The Stone. Take care, Deborah
Hi Everyone, June 12th, 2007 is the official release date for my new TRIO CD. Though you can find it online through Cadence & CD Baby (links on the Music/Buy page). I just put some mp3 files up, for listening. Enjoy! Thanks for checking in! Deborah

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