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Deborah Weisz BIO 2014

Deborah Weisz BIO 2014.pdf

Deborah Weisz Short BIO 2014


Deborah Weisz B&W Promo 300dpi.jpg" target="_blank">DEBORAH WEISZ B&W PHOTO/300dpi jpeg

Deborah Weisz Color Promo 300dpi RGB.jpg" target="_blank">DEBORAH WEISZ COLOR PHOTO/RGB 300dpi jpeg

Deborah Weisz Color Promo 300dpi CMYK.jpg" target="_blank">DEBORAH WEISZ COLOR PHOTO/CMYK 300dpi jpeg

To download this CMYK file: PC - right click MAC - option click To view correct color you will need to open in an image editing software program.